Which Roofing Nails To Use

Which Roofing Nails To Use

Use Common Nails

There are many variation of oval head nail, a nail set that can be used to recess the head to hide it entirely. Finishing nails can be made of brass to provide a decorative information. They are often used to connect timber to stone or brick.

When To Try Galvanized Roofing Nails

Round wire nails that are galvanised a good choice and are on offer in 1kg bags of nails 5 x 50mm, related roofing topics by A1 Roofing Swindon (a1-roofing-swindon.co.uk). Classification of roofing nails is by their shanks. We offer a quality series of roofing nails & fixings at terrific rates, ensuring that whatever your home or garden job, we make it as economical as possible. When purchasing roofing nails make sure their shank is around 12 gauge with a head of 9.5mm in diameter.

Screw Shank Nails To Use

Aluminium Ring Shank Nails are a favourite option for many and a 1kg pack of 5 x 50mm nails cost just £15:02. Smooth shank nails cam be made from either stainless-steel, aluminium or copper. The method you use to fix your shingles will be dependent on the speeds the wind get to in your location and the angle of your roof. When this course has been fixed, the guidelines can be added to ensure straight lines.

General Issues Found With Roofing Nail Installation

Roofing nails are the best option when fixing shingles to a roof membrane as they can be driven right into the roof making a flat even surface that will shun the wind and the damage it can cause. These nails are used mostly on roofing projects and that is why they are called roofing nails. Roofing professionals will often take the shingles over the edge of the roof to ensure lines are straight along with running starter shingles right on to gable ends.