Nail Length

Nail Length

Drywall Nails Demand

Double headed nails are used by roofing contractors mostly to ensure structures like scaffolding are safe. The double headed system makes them easier to remove, as the top head is left above the surface and a smaller head reduces the chance of damaging the timber. As lighter structures require a less robust fix, box nails are most often used when attaching to wood, brickwork or stone.

Roofing Nails Function

A good nail option is the galvanised round head wire nails that can be purchased cheaply in 1kg packs of 5 x 50mm, related roofing topics by A1 Roofing Bracknell ( Twisted coil roofing nails are sharp with diamond points. The range of roofing nails we have on offer are strong and are great for a variety of jobs and can cope with rough weather. A proper roofing nail should include a barbed shank up to the nail head to stop the nail from popping, blowing off or a roof leaking.

Ring Shank Nails To Be Use

It is possible to find aluminium ring shank nails on the market for £2 for a 1kg of 5 x 50mm nails, which makes then a favoured choice. Another roofing nail is the smooth shank nail and is often made using copper, aluminium and stainless steel. When fixing your shingles to the roof you need to take into consideration the typical wind speeds for your area and the roof pitch. Overlapping underlayment is a must and the overlap should be about 6 in. with each line covering at least 2 in.

Typical Problem You Encounter With Roofing Nail Installation

All nails have a grading system to indicate their size and length, it also tells you how big or small the wire was when it was made. Using the correct nail for the job is essential to prevent damage to the materials you are using, for example the correct nails will help prevent tears in the shingle. Roofing is not exception to this and there are many different types of nails available to fix roofing products.

Build Starter Shingle

To keep working more productively have the rubbish bin close to you while working on the roof so you can dispose of the old roof waste without having to climb down. Another tip to give the roofing job a longer life extend the set up starter shingles right down to the gable ends of the roof as well.